Tricycle And Taxi Drivers Uses New Method To Kidnap People For Rituals

Please this is the latest Trending Update, if you want to enter any Tricycles or Taxi, and the rider or driver uses a piece of cloth or handkerchief to clean the backseat for you, please don’t sit on it.

They are using people for rituals or they just want your voice to be seized. Send this message to people or tell your loved ones and others to save lives. It is a serious thing that go rampant everywhere.

Please if anyone stops you and asks if you are interested in some perfume and gives you a paper to smell as sample, please do not allow that. its a new scam. The paper is laced with drugs. You will pass out so they can rob you or do worse things to you. please forward to all friends and family.

This message was received from a senior Police Officer this morning. Thanks to God some of this guys were captured

Take note and alert everyone you want to protect. This is not a joke.

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