The Largest Church Buildings In The World, Five Are In Africa

This is the list of the largest Church buildings in the world. The list is based on sitting capacity alone. Out of the first ten largest Church buildings (based on sitting capacity with cover alone) in the world, five are in Nigeria.

1. The Hand Of God (Salvation Ministry). Located in Nigeria, with the sitting capacity of 120,000. The building is yet to be completed.

2. Glory Sanctuary Dome (Dunamis International Gospel Church). Located in the capital city of Nigeria. It has a sitting capacity of 100,000. It is regarded as the largest Completed Church Auditorium in the world.

3. St Peters Basilica (Catholic Church). Located in the Vatican City with the capacity of 60,000.

4. Faith Tabernacle (Living Faith Church Worldwide). Located in Nigeria with a sitting capacity of 50,000.

5. Basilica of the National shrine of our lady of Aparecida (Catholic Church). Located in Brazil with the sitting capacity of 45,000.

6. Seville Cathedral (Catholic Church). Located in Spain. It has a sitting capacity of 45,000.

7. Milan Cathedral (Catholic Church) Italy. 45,000 sitting capacity.

8. Cathedral of St John The Divine (Anglican Church) USA. 45,000 sitting capacity.

9. International Gospel Center (Word Of Life Bible Church). Located in Nigeria with a sitting capacity of 35,000.

10. Deeper Life Church Lagos (Deeper Christian Life Ministry). Located in Nigeria with capacity of 30,000.

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