New unlimited browsing cheat for all network that can give u up to 100gige in a day

There is a new trending mtn unlimited browsing cheat that is available and i thought it wise to share it with you guys.

Although its not a straight forward cheat because its really a very tricky one so it requires smartness and accuracy

With out wasting much time i would go straight to the processs

1. Go to google play store and look for the app called FLAIM


3. Put your number and they’ll send verification code for you.

Now this is where the trick comes in

4 .Input the verification code as soon as you put the last digit, disconnect your internet immediately
they’ll give you 75mb free

5.Then reconnect your internet and press “resend verification” another code will be sent input and disconnect immediately

5. Repeat the process and you’ll get free unlimited 75mb and as long as the keep the acuracy, the data keeps coming in

6. The nice part is that you can roll over daily so the is no limit of data that can be used

7. If you try this and it works do not forget to drop a comment on the comment section 

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