Leader of vigilante in Rumuchiolu beaten up by men allegedly from a local vigilante group known as OSPAC (graphic photos)

The Leader of vigilante in Rumuchiolu, Eneka, in Rivers state, was beaten up by unknown men and left bleeding badly.

According to a Facebook user who shared the story, the men attacked the vigilante head, named Mr Thank God, at about 3:30pm.

The attackers were allegedly from the ONELGA Security, Peace and Advisory Committee (OSPAC), a local vigilante group formed in 2016 to fight crime and cultism in the area.

According to Peter Owunnah who shared the story on Facebook. the vigilante was attacked for no reason. He was left with a deep cut in the middle of his head and cuts and bruises all over his body, such that he had blood running down his face, chest, arms, and back.

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