Death toll in Albania earthquake reaches 51 as search and rescue operations end

The search and rescue operation following the catastrophic 6.4-magnitude earthquake that hit Albania before dawn on November 26, 2019, ended on Saturday, November 30. The ministry of defense reported that the death toll in the port city of Durrës and the nearby town of Thumane reached 51, with thousands left injured and homeless and over 2,400 buildings damaged.

The small town of Thumane experienced the highest death toll from Tuesday’s quake with 26 people killed, six of whom belonged to one family, and but one of whom was under age 30. They were buried Friday, the VOA reported.
Figure showed more than 1,465 buildings in the Albanian capital Tirana, and about 900 in nearby Durrës, were seriously damaged in the quake. About 2,000 people were injured and at least 4,000 are homeless. About 2,500 people whose homes were damaged have been relocated to hotels. Others have been taken to neighboring Kosovo or have moved to areas in eastern Albania, AP reported.
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