Android release list of harmful apps all users should delete before 2020 to avoid regrets

It’s not a new thing that android is by far the most popular mobile operating system with over 2.5 billion users.

That makes it a prime target for malicious third-parties that want to infect devices across the globe with malware. Most recently, the team at Barracuda Security discovered almost 200 apps that contained either adware or a suspicious combination of device permissions. And now cybersecurity company White Ops has identified 116 apps – with more than 4.6 million downloads between them – it claims are performing ad fraud.

All of the apps that was discovered were noted to demonstrate similar behaviours. The adware being used was noted to be capable of hiding, making it harder to detect by apps designed to root out malware like VirusTotal.

White Ops urged Android fans to remove any of the apps in question if they have them installed and provided the package names for each.

I’ll be dropping the full list of the app which Android warns the public about in my next article when I’ve successfully completed the record but for now check the list below and see if you have any of these in your phone today.

If you’re one of those 1.5 million that downloaded the apps you should uninstall them from your device now.

Beyond just an adware issue, the apps also ask for a number of unnecessary permissions that could allow them to do more malicious things than just serve you ads.

1. Speed Booster

2. Clean Droid

3. Battery Saver

4. AppLock Privacy Protector

5. Virus Cleaner Antivirus 2017

6. Super Antivirus & Virus Cleaner (Applock, Cleaner)

7. Antivirus – Security

8. Drawing Lessons Lego Star Wars

9. Smart Antivirus

10. Antivirus Clean

11. Security Antivirus 2018

12. Max Security – Antivirus & Booster & Cleaner

13. Antivirus Cleaner – Virus Scanner And Junk Remove

14. Temple Crash Jungle Bandicoot

15. Antivirus Cleaner For Android & App Locker Pattern

16. Addon Sponge Bob for MCPE

17. Smadav antivirus for android 2018

18. Antivirus Free : Process Virus

19. TV Antivirus Free + Applock

20. Antivirus Virus Cleaner – Security Applock 2017

21. QR Code Free Scan

22. QR Code Scanner Pro

23. QR Code Scan Best

24. QR Code / Barcode Free Scan

25. Block Strike

26. Parkour Simulator 3D

27. AIMP

28. Skanvord

29. Wrestling WWE Action Updates

30. NeoNeonMiner

31. Smart Swipe

32. Call Recorder Pro

33. Call Recorder

34. Wallpaper HD – Background

35. Master WiFi Key

36. WiFi Security Master – WiFi Analyzer, Speed Test

37. Free WiFi Connect

38. Five Nights Survival Craft

39. Mcqueen Car Racing Game

40. Addon Pixelmon for MCPE

41. CoolCraft PE

42. Exploration Pro WorldCraft

43. Draw Kawaii

44. San Andreas City Craft

45. Exploration Lite : Wintercraft

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